GOLDEN JUBILEE, GHANA: JCB Teletruk – A Perfect Fit.

In Ports & Logistics, Solutions by Alisa Evans

JCB Teletruks have long been popular in the ports in Ghana so when GPHA planned to set up a new state of the art devanning terminal (for unstuffing containers) – Golden Jubilee – as part of their long term plan to make Tema port the most modern and efficient in West Africa they knew which machines they preferred to be the workhorses of the new terminal.

ABOVE: A Teletruk easily enters and exits a loaded container

Teletruks have proven to be a superb option for container unstuffing, as not only can they drive into the container but can easily handle loose and bulk materials. As GPHA comments “The Teletruk makes a direct impact on saving life and limb with its fantastic clear forward vision especially when working in containers.” Thanks to the innovative outlook of GPHA the Teletruk has fast become a popular option in both Tema and Takoradi harbours, and today GPHA operates over 60 Teletruks.

ABOVE: The versatility to handle almost any material

The long reach, manoeuvrability and ability to drive into a standard ISO container make the JCB Teletruk ideal for unloading diverse materials that would in the past often need to be manually handled. The Teletruk has a well reported ability to load trailers from a single side and in West Africa this translates into an ability to reach over and top load high sided vehicles. Add to this the Teletruk’s renowned reliability and a highly experienced level of local service support and it is easy to see why GPHA operates arguably the largest fleet of TLTs in the world.

ABOVE: Able to load flat bed trucks from the side.

…and the success continues.

In 2015 GPHA made a further order for 20 units of the JCB TLT 35D. Stephen Owiah, Port Mechanical Engineer at GPHA concludes, “The Teletruks have low maintenance and maintenance costs. Productivity of Teletruks at GPHA is unmatched by any other forklift in that capacity. In fact it will be difficult for GPHA, Tema Port to depart from the use the Teletruks now or in future.”