Stinis Lifting Equipment

One family, one word, Spreaders!

Paterson Simons is the authorised Stinis distributor in West and Central Africa. We provide full coverage including sales, spare parts, warranty and service support across the West and Central African region, including in Senegal, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Guinea, Benin, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire, DR Congo and Congo Republic.

Stinis is a family business to which six generations of talented engineers have devoted themselves.  Designing, manufacturing and servicing spreaders and custom lifting equipment for container handling. Stinis supplies the entire package for under your cranes. Partnering with Stinis means joining the family. Being a customer means you get continuous support from a seasoned pioneer in cutting-edge spreader technology. Your spreaders are not stand-alone machines. When your spreader is down, your crane is put out of service. This causes delays and disturbs your operations.

Stinis spreaders are a crucial link in your logistic flow. Choosing the right spreader can make a major difference to your port’s safety and productivity. Stinis has nearly 200 years of experience in giving others the tools to do their jobs. Knowing what is expected. Promising advise in good conscience about what Stinis thinks you really need. Stinis promises to solve your problems, not just sell you products. Most importantly, you are guaranteed of a lifetime of support. And you get to talk to specialists - people who love what they do and do it for you.

Each spreader comes with documentation that details routine and  preventive maintenance. We include interactive models that allow you to quickly select and order the correct spare parts. Since we have spare part depots in various strategic locations, and our after-sales staff has real-time access to our supply, you don’t need to worry about stocking too many parts yourself.

Ship to Shore Spreaders | Minimizing Downtime
Ship to shore spreaders from Stinis have proven their worth in the field. Our ship to shore spreaders can be fully customized for the required task. Excellent build quality and best in class service ensure downtime on the quay is kept to a minimum. All of the features and options we offer were developed based on your needs. The patented mono-beam construction provides operators with optimal sight lines, as well as ensuring easy access for maintenance crew. Patented double-collar twistlocks offer you reliability and make maintenance stress-free. An optional shock absorption system lets you work day and night. Just select your preferred status lamps or cameras at the twistlocks to prevent accidents and improve operator performance at night and in harsh conditions.

Mobile Harbour Crane Spreaders | Performance & Reliability
Through automatic container levelling, our mobile harbour crane spreaders ensure efficient container handling, as well as reducing turnaround times and boosting productivity. One of the key features of these spreaders is their double pin connection, which provides extra stability during cargo lifting. This unique configuration enhances safety and ensures your valuable cargo is securely handled. The single lift model can handle a range of container sizes, including 20, 30, 40, and (optional) 45 ft containers, to maximize operational flexibility. The twin lift model can lift 20, 30, 40, and 45 ft containers and is capable of handling two 20 ft containers simultaneously, to boost productivity and efficiency. The long-twin model can lift two containers spaced 1600mm apart, thus allowing you to flexibly accommodate special operational requirements.

Stinis Split-Headblock ® | Enhancing Efficiency
By using the Stinis Split-Headblock® (SSH), you can increase quayside productivity by lifting up to four 20ft. containers at the same time. This remarkable innovation lets you handle increased volumes of containers, achieving significant cost savings and improving operational efficiency. The arms of the SSH can separate the connected spreaders, thus establishing an impressive max. 1600mm distance between the containers. Enjoy the resulting benefits of the fastest, most efficient loading and unloading processes at your terminal. The SSH enables you to store the required distance as a set point to be able to automate and streamline the loading/unloading process. This brings a whole new level of precision and consistency to your operations, optimizing your workflow and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Yard Crane Spreaders | The Solution for ASC/RTG/RMG
Stinis Yard Crane Spreaders are telescopic spreaders specifically designed for Autmatic Stacking Cranes (ASC), Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes (RTGs) or Rail-Mounted Gantry Cranes (RMGs). Designed with practicality in mind, Yard Crane Spreaders are equipped with a mono-beam structure. As well as ensuring optimal visibility for operators, this design also simplifies maintenance procedures. Many parts are interchangeable, thus enabling quick, hassle-free replacement, whilst reducing downtime and associated costs at the same time. This user-friendly design permits efficient upkeep without impacting on operational efficiency. With the help of our Stinis Yard Crane Spreaders, you can enhance productivity, improve safety measures, and optimize maintenance procedures. See the difference these state-of-the-art spreaders can make to your yard crane operations!

Piggyback Spreaders | Safe Intermodal Operations
Optimize your intermodal operations with the Stinis Piggyback Spreader. This spreader stands out from the crowd with its ability to lift a range of different types of load, including containers, trailers, and swap bodies. Equipped with two cylinders per leg, the Piggyback Spreader offers enhanced stability and precision control during lifting operations. Its innovative design enables easy positioning of containers into ship cells, making the entire transfer process hassle-free. This flexibility allows for smooth and efficient switching between different modes of transportation, giving you maximum operational efficiency. The robust construction of the Piggyback Spreader makes it reliable in even the most demanding environments, ensuring uninterrupted operations and keeping downtime to a minimum.

Straddle Carrier Spreaders | Ensuring Clear Visibility
Stinis Straddle Carrier Spreaders are capable of lifting one or two containers simultaneously. With a slim midframe and mono-beam construction, these spreaders can provide operators with optimal sight lines, as well as giving a clear view of both the container and its surroundings. The robust, hydraulic cylinder-based telescoping system can smoothly extend and retract the mono-beams, ensuring smooth, precise container handling. The high-speed cylinder operates with minimal noise and eliminates the need for lubrication, thus significantly cutting down on maintenance requirements. We appreciate the importance of safety and durability. That’s why our straddle carrier which effectively limits spreader damage and reduces noise when moving with a loaded carrier.

Fixed Spreaders | Proven in the Field
The Stinis Autotwist stands out with its user-friendly design. With a bright red gravity lever, the Autotwist simplifies locking and unlocking of twistlocks to make the process remarkably easy and efficient. The Autotwist has marked out its place in the market as a reliable, trustworthy fixed spreader, delivering consistent performance in line with the needs of container lifting teams. Its sturdy design and secure locking mechanism keep containers firmly in place, thus minimizing the risk of accident or damage. Together with its practical features, the Autotwist is compatible with conventional ship and harbour cranes, which make it a versatile choice for a range of lifting environments. Whether you need a spare spreader for swivel powered cranes or a reliable solution for existing equipment, the Autotwist is a reliable option to meet your needs.

Overheight Spreaders | Safe Operations
Maximize productivity and safety with the advanced Overheight Spreader from Stinis. With more than two decades’ experience in manufacturing and servicing 350+ overheight spreaders, our expertise shines through in this ultimate solution for handling over-sized cargo, open top containers and flat racks.The OHSIV is available in electric and hydraulic versions and represents a significant advance in terms of reliability and performance. Featuring a redundant energy system with four solar panels, the OHSIV offers uninterrupted charging even in case of damage to a panel. Each twistlock is equipped with two landing pins to provide added security, which need to be activated prior to locking/unlocking. Customize the OHSIV with the addition of information displays inside the legs, to give you real-time data on battery status, twistlock operation count, operation time and oil pressure. Just see the difference it can make to your operations!

Safety Equipment | Reducing Risks and Accidents
If containers are not properly secured for transportation, there is a high risk of accidents, including containers potentially falling overboard. This can cause damage to nearby cargo or the ship itself, as well as posing a significant threat to crew safety. Our lashing gondolas and safety cages are the most effective way to secure containers. This safety equipment is produced with anti-slip flooring to ensure workers are kept safe during container lashing work. Lifeline attachment hooks offer a further layer of safety, giving personnel the required confidence to work at height. Safety hand railing is provided as standard. Connect a top spreader with twistlocks with ease and benefit from the reliability of our safety equipment.