RT (RoRo Tractor) SERIES

Powerful Container Manoeuvrability anywhere in Africa.

Ports across our territory in West Africa have opted for these hard-working machines. Our ex-pat and local engineers are located at ports in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and Togo ensuring 24-hour service availability and optimum up-time. The all-new Terberg RT 223/283/323 RoRo (Roll-On/Roll-Off) tractors are specifically designed for RoRo operations in ports. This type of tractor is often also used for heavy work under severe conditions in the industry.

  • Gross Combination Weight up to 375 tons.
  • Lifting Capacity up to 45 tons.
  • Powerful driveline.
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RoRo Tractors roll on and off vessles at quayside.