All Terrain Mobile Crane

Powerful Lifting Performance, Superior Off-Road Mobility.

Manitowoc's Grove range of All Terrain Mobile cranes covers 35 MT to 450 MT and the All-Terrain class typically has a 60 metre boom length. Newer models are now also fulfilling market demand for longer booms, now being produced at 80m. Grove all-terrain cranes deliver powerful lifting performance, superior off-road mobility and fast highway speeds.

The GMK 5220 (220MT) is particularly popular for mine maintenance, and the long boom of the 6300L model (80m) (300MT), has proven popular with rental customers.

The patented Megatrak suspension technology means that the GMK All Terrain crane is well-suited to tough West and Central African conditions. This unique suspension design allows Grove's All Terrain cranes outstanding maneuverability and speed.

Our teams of factory-trained engineers can be deployed throughout the region, including Liberia and Mali to maintain any of your Grove cranes. Our crane sales and service footprint extends from Mauritania and Senegal, to Ghana, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone and Cameroon. Our parts and spares logistical departments efficiently deliver spares to your site, no matter where in West and Central Africa you are.
The Grove All-Terrain Mobile Crane has:

  • Exclusive Megatrak suspension
  • Five-section full power boom
  • Automatic transmission
  • Outrigger pads stow within width of crane
  • Aluminium superstructure and carrier cab

Manitowoc Grove All Terrain Mobile Cranes.