Fully Stocked Crane Hoist and Rigging Container

A tailor-made and delivered hoist and rigging store for any crane or lifting requirements.

In partnership with Lifting Gear UK, we supply a wide range of certified lifting gear through out West Africa. The frustration and loss of time when not having correct or adequate rigging immediately available is avoidable with a dedicated crane hoist and rigging gear store, filled with all the specific rigging gear your particular site and crane needs.

  • Get a tailor-made fully-stocked hoist and rigging gear store.
  • We'll deliver it to your site, anywhere in West Africa including Ghana, Nigeria,Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Liberia and Togo.
  • We'll keep it stocked.
  • We'll keep the gear certified safe.
What is your hoist & rigging gear headache? We can solve it +44 1273 625969

Rigging Store fully stocked.