Fully Stocked Lifting Gear Container

A tailor-made, delivered and maintained lifting gear and rigging store.

In partnership with Lifting Gear UK, we supply a wide range of certified lifting gear such as slings, shackles, web slings, chain slings, safety gear and hoists through out West and Central Africa. Download our full lifting gear and crane rigging brochure. The frustration and loss of time when not having correct or adequate rigging immediately available is avoidable with a dedicated crane lifting gear and rigging gear store. Filled with all the specific rigging gear your particular site and crane needs.

  • Get a tailor-made fully-stocked rigging gear store
  • Can include your cranes specific slings, shackles and rigging accessories
  • We'll deliver it to your site, anywhere in West Africa including Ghana, Nigeria,Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Liberia and Togo
  • We'll keep it stocked
  • We'll keep the gear certified safe