Konecranes flow drive


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How would you like to save up to 35% of the fuel cost running your Lifttrucks?
How does a reduction of up to 35% in emissions sound to you?
Would you like to increase productivity, instantly?


Improve your Reach Stackers productivity with Flow Drive – an innovation from Konecranes! Here’s how:

What is flow drive?

Employing a hydromechanical variable transmission (HVT), Flow Drive efficiently controls power at low speeds, resulting in reduced wear, lower fuel consumption, and emissions for a robust engine that sustains optimal performance. The implementation of Flow Drive can lead to extended intervals between refueling and decreased maintenance, ultimately elevating the productivity of your Konecranes Reach Stackers significantly.

The direct benefits of Flow Drive from Konecranes result in fuel savings, increased efficiency & economical operation:

  • Fuel Savings: Achieve a reduction of up to a 35% in fuel consumption and up to a 35% decrease in CO2 emissions
  • Smooth and Economical Operation: Flow Drive results in lower emissions while improving performance, precision, and safety.
  • Experience reduced maintenance costs (fewer gear stages and lower engine RPM)
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency: Faster acceleration compared to standard machines
  • Seamless integration of full performance and ease of driving: Dynamic at low speeds, yet powerful at high speeds, with diminished wear and noise.
  • Increased productivity with extended intervals between refueling.

How does it work?!

Boost Productivity with Flow Drive: Understanding its Impact on Your Operations

Featuring the HVT technology, Konecranes Lift Trucks’ Flow Drive concept ensures seamless and dynamic operations. Flow Drive not only curtails fuel consumption but also enhances the overall driver experience, extending active operation time. The unique design of the engine compartment is tailored to meet the specific demands of this driveline, presenting tangible benefits in daily operations and contributing to an overall increase in productivity. Konecranes customers like APM Terminals and  Mindener Hafen GmbH have benefited greatly from using Flow drive on their Konecranes Reach stackers.

Advantages for Reach Stacker Operators utilizing Flow Drive:

Low Noise: The machine operates quietly, particularly beneficial for night operators.
Smooth Operation: Functions seamlessly with no transmission issues, minimizing machine vibrations.
Improved Ease of Use: Operators express satisfaction with driving this machine, creating consistent demand.
Operator training is vital:
Proper training for operators is crucial for ensuring a smooth operational experience, resulting in minimal vibration and noise while operating the Konecranes Reach Stacker.

In Conclusion: save fuel, cut costs, increase productivity & enjoy a smooth and economical operation:

  • Konecranes Flow Drive stands as a proven technical solution for Konecranes Reach Stackers.
  • Konecranes Reach Stackers equipped with Flow Drive exhibit the highest performance within the Reach Stacker range.
  • The Flow Drive option leads to reduced downtime and lower servicing costs.
  • Boasts the lowest fuel consumption in the market, supported by a fuel consumption guarantee.
  • An environmentally conscious choice.
  • Demonstrates a proven lower total cost of ownership!