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Godwin Awadzi, an esteemed member of the Pasico Ghana team based in Takoradi, has an impressive 29-year tenure with the company.

His journey within Pasico Ghana (a subsidiary to Paterson Simons) showcases his dedication, adaptability, and continuous pursuit of excellence.

Starting as a Light Duty Engineer, Godwin honed his skills while working on various machinery, including forklifts at the Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority and container lifters at the Takoradi Port. His commitment to his work and problem-solving abilities didn’t go unnoticed, leading to progression within the company.

Throughout his career, Godwin has had the opportunity to work closely with different managers and mentors, learning valuable lessons from each experience. He notably collaborated with the late William Kwabena Asiedu on Coles Cranes and Grove machines, specializing in hydraulics and undertaking extensive travel assignments across Ghana. Godwin went on to assuming the role of a Lifting Specialist on Grove Cranes and a Supervisor. His expertise in these areas underscores his passion for his work and commitment to excellence.

Outside of his professional endeavours, Godwin finds joy in farming. His reflections on his career at Pasico Ghana emphasize the company’s supportive environment, opportunities for skill development, and collaborative teamwork.

‘I like working at Pasico and I love my job because it exposes me to new fields of study. What surprises me is when I always meet new challenges I’m able to solve them and have more deep knowledge. The job has equipped me with new skills and the industry has a lot of trainings which equips us. At Pasico there is a good team collaboration, inspiration, good management to help and learn from each other. All in all you just have to tune yourself in the task you’re assigned to! You always have to believe in yourself, be focused and be content.’ – Godwin Awadzi

Godwin’s story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the importance of perseverance, continuous learning, and self-belief in achieving success in one’s career.

His journey at Pasico Ghana reflects the company’s values of excellence, teamwork, and innovation.