Photo essay: Reachstacker Refurb: MPS

In News, Ports & Logistics by Alisa Evans

We are pleased to share the work that Noel Gottsch, Alban Venyellu and Godwin Mensah completed last month refurbishing a Konecranes Reachstacker at the MPS terminal in Tema, Ghana.

First the spreader assembly was removed, along with the boom assembly. The team then removed the lifting cylinders, the fuel tank, hydraulic tank, and battery compartment with all its main harnesses.

The team then loosened all cables and hoses to the cab and removed it completely. They then loosened all hoses and cables from the transmission and engine and lifted out the complete assembly, which was then placed in the workshop. The machine was then completely stripped of all coolers, hoses and cables and was taken to the wash bay for a good clean.

The machine was then brought back to the work area where the team reconditioned the front wheel hubs on both sides, reconditioned the rear axle completely and then fitted back all the cables, piping and engine/transmission assembly back into the chassis, followed by the cab. The boom and lifting cylinders were refitted and all cables and hoses reconnected.

The team then completed the repair and refit of the front differentials in the workshop, while the machine got a final paint. The spreader was then reassembled and attached, and the machine is back in the MPS yard, ready for another long tour amongst the containers.