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Paterson Simons adds value and helps customers avoid unnecessary expenditure through the use of our Service Book.


The Paterson Simons Service Book is a compilation of the commissioning documentation, brand brochures, catalogues, the sales and service terms & conditions, a full Service Log for the machine, with a checklist attached. All Paterson Simons customers receive the Service Book after their machines are commissioned. This gives customers quick access to the machine documentation – if they’re stored on-site in a warehouse and therefore not at the office. This helps customers avoid unnecessary costs as the service log in the Service Book helps them stay on track with machine servicing.


service book contents

For any questions or queries on the machine, the brand brochures and catalogues are easily available. The Service Book helps Paterson Simons customers access all documentation on their machine quickly, in an easy-to-use guide. This includes a full Service Log and checklist. Having this information packaged together assists customers in keeping on track with their machine servicing, therefore helps to reduce unnecessary expenditure.


service book