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Abalo is a Senior Mechanical Engineer at Paterson Simons. Abalo has worked at Paterson Simons for 7 years. He joined PSAL in 2015 as a technician and was promoted to Team Supervisor in Maintenance. Due to his skill in team organisation and the speed with which he was able to improve the technical level of his team, he was promoted to Service Engineer in Maintenance, from 2017 to 2020. After this, he was promoted to Senior Mechanical Engineer.

A particular achievement of Abalo’s is decreasing the downtime as a result of wire rope replacement on Ship to Shore Gantry Cranes, through changing the process to maximise both safety and time. This now results in both hoist wire ropes being replaced in 14 Hours instead of 24.

What motivates Abalo outside of work is the well-being of his children.

‘I like working at Paterson Simons because it gives opportunities for progress, competence is rewarded. I like my work because I have the freedom to express myself technically. PSAL is a company that does not fail to provide training in order to improve the technical level of its employees, in addition to the collaboration that exists between the managers and the employees. PSAL has a culture of punctuality, it is results orientated, encourages perseverance and love of work!’ – Abalo Welengueti