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Heavy equipment tyres are very expensive and operators need to do more to ensure they get the best possible results out of this wasting asset.

The past year and more have seen huge pressures on tyre prices, due to shortages of raw materials, high energy costs and the post-coronavirus supply chain crisis. An earlier spike in natural rubber prices was followed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, further ex- acerbating availability and price concerns over synthetic rubber, steel cord and carbon black.

Tyres represent the second or third highest running cost after fuel and drivers, and it is, therefore, important to strive for the lowest possible running cost per hour of operation and get the longest possible life out of the tyres. However, according to Federico Jiménez, key account manager at Continental CST, as many as two thirds of terminal operators are still not routinely monitoring tyre pressure, or tyre overloads. Even ‘Housekeeping’’ duties, such as rotating tyres on the rim, often get missed.

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