New Horizon Special school


In News by Alisa Evans

This year Paterson Simons has made a donation to New Horizon Special School, in lieu of sending out Christmas cards.

This donation will contribute to helping the school achieve their objective, which is to provide a well-rounded education and vocational training for children and adults with special needs.

New Horizon Special School provides day school education for children between the ages of 6 and 18 years old, and vocational training and employment for adults (18 and over), who have an intellectual disability. Their aim is to not only provide a well-rounded education for children and adults with special needs, in a safe and caring environment but also to develop each child’s potential to the full so that he or she can lead a productive and satisfying life. New Horizon Special School was founded by Mrs. Salome François in 1972, the school is a registered voluntary, non-profit making and charitable institution with the Ministry of Education.

Sadly, Salome François passed away in September this year.

Salome passionately worked on and believed in special needs education and training, making it her life’s work to develop New Horizon Special School in Accra, Ghana.

Salome has had a profound impact on education for those with special needs in Ghana, and the wide range of classes the school offers, will continue to uplift and upskill a diverse range of students, for many years to come.

The thoughtful way the various Educational and Vocational classes are structured in the school shows the expertise and understanding of the approach needed, in order to provide effective and caring support to students with special needs.


‘’Every child, whether handicapped or not, has the right to develop to his or her fullest capabilities.”
– Mrs. Salome François, (1926 – 2022), Founder, New Horizon Special School’’


Paterson Simons offers our sincere condolences to Salome’s family and loved ones.

We are happy to support this very worthy, and special cause!

Find out more about this exceptional school here

Mrs Salome François, (1926 – 2022), Founder, New Horizon Special School, received a Commonwealth Citation on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


See below photos from New Horizon Special School, showing some of the various classes the school offers: