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Paterson Simons works with Konecranes TRUCONNECT to provide free of charge support to our customers by providing weekly overview reports to the technical team detailing when their next service is due, CanBus status, and active faults on the machine.

Konecranes TRUCONNECT is a suite of Remote Service products ranging from periodic data reporting to real-time diagnostics, technical support, and monitoring. The data provides insights that allow our customers to optimize their lift truck’s operations and activities. This allows decisions to be made on facts and effective maintenance saves costs! This video showcases some of the latest functionality of the system: https://youtu.be/zedcCjAXARc

At a customer’s request, Paterson Simons can draw on our large number of resources as a Konecranes dealer to resolve any issues the customer may have. This can include acquiring schematics, identifying parts, escalating issues to the factory, raising warranty claims or arranging for a factory-trained engineer to attend their site.

The data provided by TRUCONNECT ranges from basic GPS location, up to fault and error codes given by the machine’s health, usage, and monitoring system. This gives Paterson Simons customers the capability to track and monitor their assets in real-time and from one central and easy-to-use portal.

In addition, machines fitted with Premium Plus hardware will benefit from the Hydraulic Oil and Particle sensor feature, which aids in determining the remaining lifetime of hydraulic oil. The customer will be notified when to replace the hydraulic oil and not necessarily at service intervals. It could be sooner or later, dependent on environmental conditions, which aids in effective maintenance of the machine.

If acted on, the data provided by TRUCONNECT can significantly increase efficiency and minimise downtime through easier maintenance schedule planning, immediate alerts to maintenance staff, and machine operation/usage information. Data can be easily manipulated to display the below information for a specific period.

Working with Konecranes TRUCONNECT allows Paterson Simons to provide premium support to our customers, through effective insights that allow our customers to optimize their lift truck’s operations and activities. This effective maintenance saves costs!

“Many thanks for the report, we are doing our best to rectify them. Many thanks again, especially this time, I was in need of that kind of help.” –  A large Terminal in Togo