Konecranes forklift coil ram attachment


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The coil ram attachment for a Konecranes forklift is a solid bar mounted at the front of the forklift. This can be used to easily lift and carry many types of coiled material.

The coil ram attachment has rounded edges, which reduces the chance of damage to the inner coils. Using the coil ram attachment for handling coils results in the original forks lasting longer. This benefits the customer as there is less damage to the coils themselves when using this attachment and it is far safer and faster to handle the coils this way, therefore increasing productivity. Using the forklift’s original square forks to handle the coil will likely damage the coil and should not be used for handling coil.

The coil ram attachment can be added to the Konecranes forklift quickly and easily, using the Quick-change fork system. This allows different forks, coil rams and other attachments to be added to the forklift, by removing the safety locking pin and hydraulically unlocking the original fork attachment, dropping it and then adding the coil ram attachment. Have a look at the easy removable fork shaft system of a Konecranes forklift here.

The operator in the below photos and video found the Konecranes forklift coil ram attachment much safer and less stressful to use when handling coils, compared to using the original fork attachment for handling coils.

See a Konecranes 16t Forklift with coil ram attachment in operation at a large port in Ghana here


Below are photos of the Konecranes 16t forklift with coil ram attachment in action:

konecranes forklift coil ram attachment

coil ram attachment