Refurbished Manitowoc Cranes offer exceptional value to West African customers.

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BEFORE: A HD32A Potain Crane                                                                                             AFTER: The HD32A Fully Refurbished

Manitowoc’s EnCORE crane refurbishment programme restores all models of Manitowoc, Grove and Potain cranes to their original specifications. When looking to buy a new crane on a budget, refurbished models offer excellent value for money. And when refurbished by manufacturer appointed facilities like EnCORE you can be assured of outstanding quality.

Talk to us: We have access to a wide range of refurbished cranes from Baltar – Manitowoc’s EnCORE facility in Portugal, and can source specific requirements through the European rental sector.

Looking for an excellent deal? View a comprehensive list of EnCORE refurbished cranes for sale here.

Paterson Simons recently facilitated a refurbished crane for mining customers in Mali. The crane was shipped from one of Manitowoc’s primary EnCORE facilities in Baltar, and will be reassembled in Mali by Paterson Simons engineers.

When buying refurbished cranes it is important to understand the various levels of refurbishment available. Depending on the condition of the crane the EnCORE process applies either a premium, standard or entry level of refurbishment.

Standard across all levels is a full inspection and calibration of all controls, repair/replacement of slewing ring bolts, repair/replacement of hoisting steel wire rope and a final functional test report.

At the premium level the entire structure’s surface is shot-blasted, cleaned and repainted, the entire control system is overhauled, all mechanical and electrical components are repaired or replaced, a full set of safety and function tests are completed and the crane gets an EnCORE accredited plate indicating the date of refurbishment. The premium level comes with a 6-month warranty, standard level a 3-month warranty and the entry levels a 1-month warranty.

Exceptional Value

Good as new this MD550 crawler crane has undergone the full Premium Level EnCORE programme and is now available ex-Baltar.

S/N 91631 Hoist 150 LLC
YOM 2002 Cabin Vision
Max Capacity 25T HUH to be confirmed according to need & mast availability
Jib 80m with counter jib ballasts Chassis static Y800
SM/DM Height under Hook: Various options available on request