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Konecranes Inverters lie at the heart of their world-leading RTGs. The precise movement of the cranes is safely and intelligently controlled through these hard-working components. In process cranes like RTGs, these inverters that simplify the motion of the crane, are doing a lot of hard work in the background so it is inevitable that they are subject to wear and tear that eventually will require their replacement. Options to replace have been limited to outright replacement with new units or refurbishment at the Konecranes factory with long wait times, administration and transport costs and shipping delays.

Paterson Simons has worked with Konecranes to bring those refurbishments closer to the market and following an investment in tooling and training, we are pleased to announce the opening of a Konecranes-accredited inverter repair workshop.

The process is simple: we charge for an initial inspection on the unit and prepare a quotation for the repair for your approval prior to commencing work. The inspection cost is refunded if you go ahead with refurbishment. The most common reasons for inverter repairs are failure, corrosion, or overcurrent on the terminals, connectors, circuit boards, transistors, blown fuses, blown or discharged capacitors, or defective fans.  After a thorough inspection of an Inverter, repairs should normally take around 8 hours to complete.

The following items are checked during an inspection:

  • Control Unit
  • Fan
  • Electronic Card
  • Transistor
  • Circuit Card
  • Transistor
  • Capacitor
  • Rectifier
  • Power Module

Repaired units are tested and a warranty is provided.

Paterson Simons has successfully provided this service to a number of RTG clients in West Africa and is ready to help reduce your cost and downtime today.

Please contact us for a quote – please provide inverter models and serial numbers with any requests.

See the below table showing the recommended time period (in normal circumstances) for D2V Inverter Booster repairs:

D2V Inverter Booster repairs

Photos below show the team working on Inverter Repairs:

inverter repairs