Takoradi Technical University


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Paterson Simons, via its subsidiary Pasico Ghana, awarded full scholarships to two Takoradi Technical University (TTU) students at the University’s 6th Congregational Ceremony, on 18th December 2021. Tina Ansah & Moses Essel Ahun from Pasico Ghana attended the ceremony.


In May 2021, Pasico Ghana, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Takoradi Technical University (TTU) to provide students and staff of TTU’s Mechanical Engineering, Plant, and Production Department direct exposure to industry as well as annual sponsorship for the best graduating students.


Many Pasico Ghana Engineers have studied at TTU, and Pasico Ghana has taken a number of TTU students for internship and graduates for the National Service, with some leading to full employment.


Our congratulations to TTU students Linda Ewua Akwa and Abdul Kareem Arimio, who were awarded full scholarships!


Paterson Simons and Pasico Ghana are optimistic about this beneficial collaboration with TTU. We proudly support TTU’s vision of becoming the Premier Technical University in Ghana. 


We are passionate about Pasico Ghana becoming the preferred job destination for TTU’s best Engineering graduates.


“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”
Takoradi Technical University (TTU)

Student Linda Ewua Akwa (left), accepting the award of a full scholarship from Tina Ansah (right). Moses Essel Ahun (centre)


Takoradi Technical University (TTU)

Student Abdul Kareem Arimio pictured here accepting the award of a full scholarship from Tina Ansah (right). Moses Essel Ahun (centre)