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Wherever diesel powered machines run in a high productivity environment fire is unfortunately a significant risk. The most common cause of fire we see is usually as a result of the use of non-genuine hydraulic hoses which have failed through poorly crimped connections – those that run close to the engine are a particular risk. Our no 1. recommendation is always to use genuine OEM hoses.

The consequences of a fire in the engine compartment can be particularly devastating; there is a real risk to life as fire involving hot hydraulic oil can be hard to initially detect but quickly escalate out of control. The intensity of the fire is almost impossible to fight with a fire extinguisher and once left to burn the damage to the machine can be significant. Often the resulting damage will leave the machine beyond economic repair.

One way of significantly reducing damage by fire is to fit a fire suppression system. These are available as a factory fit option but we can also retrofit the same system to machines in the field. The system can detect fires that start in the engine compartment automatically or be activated manually. The system releases a high-pressure water mist which immediately starves the fire of oxygen and cools and smothers the fire – significantly reducing consequential damage to the machine.

Fire suppression system kit: the fastest way to put out fires


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konecranes fire suppression system