Hoist Rope of the Future

In Spares by Alisa Evans

KZ100 Synthetic Hoist Rope

  • 80% ligther than wire
  • Easy handling/reeving and installation
  • Reduces number of change outs due to elimination of kinking, bird caging, or damage from diving
  • Torque-neutral construction eliminates load spin and cabling
  • Corrosion resistant – no rusing, no lubing
  • Reduces risk of hand injury from broken wires
  • Reduced wear on drums, sheaves
  • Standardizes main and auxiliary hoist to one rope
  • Same load pull and load chartbut with 5:1 safety factor

The combination of high-poerformance synthetic fibers provides strength similar to wire rope with over 80% in weiight reduction. The high strength of these high-performance fibers allows the rope to meet the maximum line pull requirements with a 5:1 safety factor. A proprietary coating has been added to KZ-100 to improve rope performance in cyclic bend over sheave applications inherent on mobile cranes.

The physical structure of KZ-100 also contributes to its performance characteristics.  The rope construction provides a firm cross section that enables efficient multi-layer spooling, prevents load spin, birdg caging, and permanent damage due to improper spooling.

The result is a crane hoist line that is easy and safe to handle/reave, more durable for spooling, and can reduce weight in the overall system.