APMT, Nigeria: Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes, Apapa.

In News by Alisa Evans

Tricky gantry crane offload at APMT Apapa.

Paterson Simons’s chief crane engineer Gys Ehlers and his team of crane assmebly specialists commissioned 10 Konecranes RTGs at APMT in Apapa, Nigeria over October and November 2013. This is the first time APMT has ordered Konecranes RTGs for the region. The first five arrived on the “Happy River” on the 5th of September, and despite a tricky night-time off load were handed over to the APMT representative Mr Blackie Swart, Engineering Manager, fully commissioned 9 days later. The second set of five RTGs arrived on the “Damgracht” on the 31st October. In this case the off load was espcecially testing. Delivery was particularly urgent, and a class D vessel was unavailable at short notice. The “Damgracht” regular cargo ship was therefore used, despite minimal deck space. To accommodate the cranes we had to balance Crane #19 half way over the vessel’s side on steel beams anchored to the deck.