CRANE TRAINING: Electrical Theory and Practice.

In News by Alisa Evans

Takoradi, Ghana. We recently conducted Electrical and Electronic Theory & Practical sessions with Malcolm Gibb, an electrical lecturer at a technical college in UK where he teaches City and Guilds based training courses to engineering apprentices. Malcolm conducted courtesy training in Takoradi, Ghana with members of the The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (a valued customer), two of our own crane engineers as well as two students we support at the Takoradi Training Institute and who work for us in the holidays to get their technical experience.  It’s our intention to bring students into crane engineering and offer employment opportunities from an early stage – teaching them about the cranes, forklifts and other machines we service. We also invited a couple of their lecturers along to sit in on the course, as we eventually hope to build a course for mature students.  Some of our crane engineers would benefit from mature courses at TTI and we hope to use Malcolm to help build that development plan.