Under Pressure: Better Tyre Pressure Monitoring

In Spares by Alisa Evans

According to Yokohama Rubber, assuming an off-road tyre is not overloaded, and giving its life a value of 1 when it is inflated to the correct pressure:

  • at 10% over-inflation the life drops to 0.95
  • at 20% over-inflation it drops to 0.85
  • at 30% over-inflation it drops to 0.65 and
  • at 40% under-inflation it drops to 0.45

“Proper inflation pressure is essential to get the best performance from tyres,” says Yokohama. “Optimum traction, flotation and load endurance can be obtained only if the proper inflation pressure is maintained. Both over-inflation and underinflation shorten tyre life and can result in tyre failures.”

The exact dangers of over or under inflated tyres, specifically in port applications, is a serious considertaion as the machines do many kilometers a day, often in extreme weather conditions.

Konecranes estimates that under-inflated tires can increase fuel consumption by as much as 15% while affecting stability and drivability. A after-market tyre pressure monitor from the manufacturer makes it easy to keep your lift truck tires properly inflated. Installed in minutes, a TPM monitors over or under inflation as the vehicle works to enbale the operator instant data on the tyre pressure.

Keep your tyre pressure correct, and maximise the life of your tyres.