The Dangers Of Lifting Without A 3rd Wrap Indicator

In Spares by Alisa Evans

A 3rd wrap indicator alerts the crane operator that the hoist drum is down to its 3rd wrap and that no more rope should be reeled out.

The end clamp pictured below is not designed to hold the load, and if that occurs the rope is sure to snap.

A proximity switch, below, switches on an amber warning light inside the cab and also cuts off the hoist lowering motion.


  • Load will be lowering then will raise with lever still in lowering position.
  • Wedge socket dislodges.
  • Rope anchor bolts succumb to over load.
  • Rope becomes slack on drum causing incorrect spooling rope damage.
  • Rope becomes slack causing damage to rope core.
  • All causing load to fall or shock load the crane.