TERBERG: New Cab Raises the Roof.

In News by Alisa Evans

Over the years Terberg has secured a leading position in the RoRo-tractor market. The robust and well-designed tractors have been used in ports around the world for decades; mostly in ports in Europe and Africa, where many goods are transported via RoRo-ships. Regardless of load weights, ramps and tractor connections, Terberg succeeds each time in finding the right solution for the safe transport of valuable cargo.

The distinctiveness of the Terberg RoRo-tractors is the continuous all-wheel drive and the unprecedented Ergoturn® system for the 180° swivel seat console. The Ergoturn® system ensures that the driver, in all positions, is positioned near the side window of the cab. He has a perfect view of his work in an ergonomic and therefore pleasant posture.

Raising the roof

This year Terberg has managed once again to extend the successful TT/RT vehicle range by adding an entirely new option.

With this option, the roof has been raised by 350 mm, providing:

  • Better entry and exit to and from the cab
  • Markedly improved upward vision with the optional roof window installed
  • Better storage facilities in the cab

Standing headroom in the cab is now 1.84 metres. The spacious interior enables the driver to carry out his work in greater comfort, which results in improved safety.