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Stay safe from falling objects with the Konecranes Lift Truck Over Over Head Guard – Safety Cage

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Increase safety while operating your Konecranes empty container handlers by mounting the Over Head Guard – Safety cage to protect the operator from a falling object.

How does an overhead guard work?

An overhead guard is a cage-like metal construction that is mounted over the operator cabin. It is sturdy enough to protect from a falling empty container, or other falling objects, but still open enough to allow for good visibility in all directions for safe operations of the vehicle.  Lift trucks operate in busy environments and things can happen, accidents can occur. If heavy metal goods or containers fall from a high position, the effect of hitting an unprotected lift truck cabin can be disastrous.

Konecranes offers the Safety Cage, an overhead guard for retrofitting in Konecranes range of empty container handlers.

The retrofit kit is available for generation B & C of Konecranes empty container handler.


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What’s included in the package?

• Safety cage structure
• New exhaust assembly
• All fasteners & brackets
• Assembly & weld instructions

How to order:

• Send the lift truck’s serial number(s) to the Paterson Simons parts team on: parts@patersonsimons.com to get the complete offer of the package(s). Please note that the option cannot be used if the machine has high cabin position (+600 & +1200mm) and tilting cabin.


• Installation cost not included. Can be quoted by Paterson Simons and Pasico Ghana.