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Meet our Technical Team, based in Scotland!

James Savoy is our Group Technical Director at Paterson Simons.

A member of the Board of Directors, James has been with us for 13 years. All service teams report to James who oversees all the Groups’ technical excellence: in customer offerings, in external and internal training and mentoring, through systems development and through close liaison with the OEM’s we represent.

Kamel Ali is our Group Port Service Manager. Kamel joined us in June 2023. He is responsible for overseeing the smooth functioning of Port related services throughout the Group. He works closely with James Savoy, ensuring efficient coordination, and implementing best practices to optimise our services and overseeing training requirements throughout the Group.

Brendon Goldswain is our Technical Parts Engineer. Brendon has been with Paterson Simons 5 years, previously with us from 2014 to 2016, and then rejoined us in 2020.

He was previously based in Apapa, Nigeria as Service Manager covering port operations and has relocated to Grangemouth to join our Technical Team in Scotland. Brendon is responsible for all Group parts technical issues and works with our engineering teams and our parts commercial team in Brighton to resolve technical issues including parts identification, replacement of obsolete parts, retrofits, etc.