Outrigger Monitoring System Retro Fit on RT

In Spares by Alisa Evans

We retrofitted a Outrigger Monitoring System to a customner’s RT880E.

Short rigging is probably the most common cause of crane accidents we strongly believe it should be mandatory and as acceptance of the system has grown over the last couple of years have recently started to include it in all new offers along with the third wrap indicator.

ABOVE: In Leipzig, Germany an upturned crane had a partial counterweight and short-rigged rear outriggers.

Our proposal was to retrofit the same factory system that brings the cranes up to the standard required for new RT sales in the EC (CE) and in the US (OSHA). This system has been available as an option for a few years but only became compulsory in the EU from 9th February, 2015.


  • Outrigger/stabilizer position (horizontal beam extension) sensor/ monitor if the equipment has outriggers or stabilizers.
  • The system will measure the length of the outrigger beam extension with a string potentiometer inside each outrigger box and attached to the beam.
  • Default to the most conservative chart after sensing all outrigger positions.


ABOVE VIDEO: Paterson Simons engineer Mirco Minoccheri takes us through the user interface.


Annual benefits calculated by OSHA (refer to US and Canada only):

  • Number of injuries prevented: 175
  • Number of fatalities prevented: 22
  • Property damage from tip overs prevented: US$ 7 million