Our office staff get a taste for heavy lift machinery

In News by Alisa Evans

As a specialist heavy lifting company, it is important that all our staff members have a clear idea of the products we represent, and how they benefit our customers. However, servicing mining, oil, ports and construction customers from Mauritania to Cameroon and Mali to Ghana, means that office-bound staff in the UK don’t always see the machines first-hand and at work.

This year, we arranged for our accounts and logistics staff to visit the UK Lifting Equipment Trade Show ‘Vertikal Days’ at Silverstone Motor Racing Course where the team were able to experience the equipment first-hand under the guidance of factory product specialists. Fortuitously, the outdoor show happened on the warmest day of the year so far. Many thanks to our partners at Manitowoc UK for hosting the visit.

ABOVE (L-R) Humberto Fernandez, Robert Allison, Izabela Rogalska, Alex Buttuller, Danny Lindsay (MCG) and James Heels.

ABOVE: James Heels, Humberto  Fernandez, Paula Costa, Alex Buttuller and Robert Allison