komi mouzou


In News, News Snippets, Staff by Alisa Evans

Komi has worked at Paterson Simons, Togo for over 7 years.

Komi initially worked as a Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane (RTG) and Ship To Shore (STS) Port Crane Technician. Due to Komi’s skill in his work, the variety of the breakdowns that he works on, and his passion for his work, he was promoted to Shift Supervisor, and then to Crane Supervisor. From here he was promoted to Shift Leader, which is the position that he currently holds.

Komi likes working at Paterson Simons because he likes the field of work that he is in and he likes to solve electrical breakdowns.

”Paterson Simons gives training to the technician to raise their level of understanding of the breakdowns. There is a good collaboration between the teams and everybody likes their job here. My pride is that we are able to do the most complex analysis to solve failures on both RTGs and STSs and today I understand the working system of these machines to the point where I manage to train the new arrivals. And also I am proud of the training courses I have completed here. My advice to the young engineers and technicians who want to evolve in their roles at Paterson Simons is that the work alone can give you opportunities. So they really have to push and work hard like real engineers and technicians!” – Komi Mouzou