Isaac Blankson


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Isaac has worked at Pasico Ghana, a subsidiary company of Paterson Simons, for 5 years. Initially hired as a translator proficient in French and English, he provided valuable language support during Grove training sessions organized for customers in Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Cote d’Ivoire.

In early 2018, Isaac took on the role of Assistant Planner and continued serving as a French Translator. Recognizing his exceptional skills and commitment, he was promoted to the position of Takoradi Service Planner in October 2021, a role he currently holds.

Isaac’s contributions have been instrumental, particularly in his capacity as a French/English translator. His linguistic expertise has significantly aided our customers and enriched the training sessions.

‘’I was surprised by the wide variety of lifting equipment available on the market, but more importantly by the abilities of our engineers to work on them even some that fall out of our scope of work. The ambiance at work in the Takoradi team is so friendly. My colleagues are just incredible. The work environment here feels like an “Academy” where you always get something new to learn. I really love planning, regardless of the many challenges associated with it. It gives you the sense of satisfaction when you have been able to put all the pieces together to get a job completed. It also helps to improve team work skills which is key to succeed in a company. Advice I would give to young engineers/technicians who are wanting to progress in their role at Paterson Simons is to focus on learning – individually and from others. Learn to work with others. From here, success will follow.’’  Isaac Blankson, Takoradi Service Planner at Pasico Ghana

Isaac Blankson