Manitou Telehandler sold to Newmont Mine, Ghana specially designed to replace excavator cylinders.

In News by Alisa Evans

James Heels, the Paterson Simons Ghana Country manager, recently sold a Manitou MHT-X 10225 Telehandler with special cylinder handler attachment to Newmont Ahafo mine in Ghana, via Thomas Alnaa, the Mine Maintenance General Foreman. The mining specification 22.5T capacity Telehandler with forks and cylinder handler, supplied with full remote control, will enable the operator to handle the excavator cylinders swiftly and easily from outside of the cab. The telehandler was also sold with special tyres and LMI system to receive a man basket (for purchase at a later date). It should also be noted that it is the biggest Telehandler available (although exciting news from Manitou coming soon!).

Where previously Newmont wuld remove the large and very heavy cylinders with a crane and slings it was a very delicate and time-consuming process which also comes with high risks to life and limb with the possibility of the cylinder swinging. The mine will now use the Manitou, which will reduce the excavator’s downtime by up to 80% during cylinder replacement and vastly improve safety.

ABOVE: The MHT 10225 is the largest Telehandler in the world at it’s new home in Ghana

ABOVE: Thomas Alnaa of Newmont (L) takes delivery of the machine from James Heels of Paterson Simons (R)