Konecranes Ergo Cab: Comfort Leads to Efficiency

In News by Alisa Evans

The new reach stacker, model SMV 4531 TC5, benefits from a unique cab design, making for greater operator comfort leading to more efficient cargo handling. Bertil Jansson, supervisor at Port of Södertälje, Sweden, says, “We discussed in-depth what we wanted and what was important. We realized that the ergonomics of the cabin, the workspace itself, was a very important aspect. We test drove a number different brands but the experience of driving the Konecranes reach stacker was the best.

When sitting in the cab, and operating the machine for a full day, the Konecranes reach stacker came out on top because of the greater visibility, the design of the joystick and so on. It’s very popular with us.”

In order to lift the variety of building project cargo that comes through the port – everything from concrete and walls to complete housing modules – the reach stacker is equipped with extra lifting loops on the spreader, and a power pile slope that allows the yoke to tilt and compensates for an oblique load. The new machine is also equipped with a hydraulic sliding cabin that improves visibility even more.

The Port of Södertälje has also chosen to have the remote monitoring system TRUCONNECT® Premium installed together with the newly released Konecranes Weighing System.

“The Port of Södertälje already has a number of Konecranes lift trucks, we are honored that they continue to entrust us with the supply of their lift trucks. Brubakken will continue to ensure that they remain happy with their new reach stacker; this is another important delivery for us in mid-Sweden”, concludes Hans Ardstedt, Sales manager Brubakken Sweden.