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For as long as we’ve had heavy machinery, we’ve had daily and periodic inspections to make sure they’re in working order and safe to operate. In many markets, it is a legal requirement. And with good reason—inspections are critical to safety, maintenance efficiency, pre-emptive troubleshooting, managing costs, and optimizing the lifetime of the machine.

CheckApp is a powerful tool for performing them quickly and accurately using a smartphone or tablet.

Phone power
Imagine you could simply pull out your phone or tablet, follow a few pre-set prompts and instructions, include audio messages, photos, or videos, and upload the daily inspection form to be shared instantly with managers and maintenance.

“It’s definitely time for inspections to be digitalized,” says David Andersen, Global Training and Documentation Manager. “It solves the headaches of finding and delivering paper inspection forms, knowing what to do and how, and communicating issues to the right people quickly. No one can afford to lose that kind of time these days.”



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