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When Tuas Mega Port is completed in 2040, the complex will be the largest container port on Earth.

Tuas is a vision of the future on two fronts. It illustrates how port operators the world over are deploying clever technologies to meet the demand for their services in the face of obstacles to the development of new facilities, from lack of space to environmental concerns.

Across the planet, the expansion of seaports is becoming tougher, notes Jean-Paul Rodrigue, a professor of transport geo­graphy at Hofstra University in Long Island. Space in the right locations is scarce. Critics of development, especially among environmentalists, are not. Last year a big port expansion in Piraeus, Greece, was blocked by courts for failing to provide the right assessment of its environmental impact.

One solution is to make existing logistics networks more efficient rather than merely larger.

Konecranes have their own storage bay system, that can stack containers 14 high – see more about this here


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