Increase your lift truck value with Konecranes

In News by Alisa Evans

Overhauling major assemblies in your machine will result in productivity increase, longer lifetime, lower downtime and higher savings.

The complete power overhaul kit for reach stacker has been developed to provide you with a unique solution when it’s time to replace some of the key components of your truck: engine, transmission and hydraulic pump.

A combined package, at a very competitive price, that will allow your truck to soon go back in operation, increasing both productivity and lifetime of your equipment, delaying the signature date for your next unit.


• Order your Complete Overhaul kit machine in May 2021
• Please send the Konecranes Liftace’s serial number(s) to Paterson Simons for a correct offer of the kit(s)
• For pricing, lead time or any further info, please contact our parts team: