Buy a JCB Teletruk Forklift Today from a Brand-approved dealer.

In Ports & Logistics, Solutions by Alisa Evans

Paterson Simons is an accredited JCB forklift stockist and service dealership. Our experience with sales, service, maintenance and repair of JCB Teletruk Forklifts in West Africa is second-to-none.

Our factory-trained JCB Teletruk forklift and crane engineers are based throughout the region in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo and Cameroon and can be deployed further afield to Liberia, Niger, Sierra Leone and elsewhere in West Africa.

Our customer, GPHA, has one of the world’s largest JCB Teletruk fleets, with over 100 Teletruk forklifts operational.

Following delivery of the latest JCB Teletruk forklifts the port has reached and exceeded 100 deliveries, and have 86 live operational Teletruks in the lead port of Tema and a smaller number in Takoradi.


  • Ranging from 2.5T to 3.5T the JCB Teletruk Forklift is for sale in Diesel or LPG.
  • Drive in-Drive out Capability: safe and simple container unstuffing.
  • Telescopic arm means customers can load an entire flat bed from just one side.
  • Only forklift truck in its range available in 4WD – ideal for rough environments.
  • No mast means 360° visibility.
  • A range of attachments can be changed in 30 seconds.
  • Copes with loose and bulk materials.

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