roy bester


In News, News Snippets, Staff by Alisa Evans

Roy joined us in January 2014 and this December 2023 will be the culmination of 10 years employment at Paterson Simons!

Roy initially started as a Lifting Machinery Inspector, at Pasico Ghana’s Certification, Inspection and Training Division (CIT).

He was tasked with conducting statutory inspections on lifting equipment and rigging gear as well as preparing technical reports for our Customers across West Africa. As the inspections team evolved, he moved on to developing and delivering operator training courses. Then in June of 2020 he was assigned to the role of Service Operations Manager for the Engineering division to collaborate with the Takoradi Service team in executing service work pre-planning, technical troubleshooting, and support as well as warranty and parts queries. This is his current role.

He has expanded his knowledge and skills within the lifting equipment industry and is thankful for the opportunities he has received for personal growth, learning, and achieving Accreditations within the industry.

Roy’s numerous contributions to Paterson Simons have helped shape the processes within the organization in ways that enhance the Company for our customers and employees.

His advice to young engineers is to keep an open mind to learning and personal growth, there is a wealth of information and knowledge to be gained if you are willing to take it on board!

When not at work, Roy’s hobbies centre around technical and mechanical projects. He feels that family is as important as personal growth and achievement and striving for a work/life balance that grounds him is key to having healthy and sustainable interpersonal relationships with family and co-workers. He enjoys sharing his insights and knowledge gained in the hopes that it contributes positively to others.

‘’Paterson Simons and by extension, Pasico is a top tier Company that has the wellbeing and best interests of their employees at the heart of their operations whether it be worker safety, wellness programmes, redeployment or training and upskilling. During difficult times such as the Covid pandemic, where many other companies were laying employees off due to the downturn in operations and revenue, PSAL/Pasico strived to retain their staff and even increased salaries to meet the burden in rising costs of living expenses staff were experiencing. At PSAL/Pasico most tasks and activities are a collaborative effort with input from multiple team members across the business spectrum through each phase of the task to ensure a successful outcome, however there are also many opportunities to take ownership in specific tasks allowing your strengths to provide an overall positive contribution to the Company, which is welcomed and encouraged by Management. Working for a Company that looks after its employees as much as its business and Customers is a reassuring thought. At PSAL/Pasico you are more than just a number and you are valued.’’

 – Roy Bester