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Abali has worked at Paterson Simons for 7 years, starting as a Crane Technician and was promoted to Shift Supervisor, then Crane Supervisor, and finally, due to his achievements in the role, Abali was promoted to Shift Leader, which is his current position.

In his time at Paterson Simons, Abali has successfully learnt to strategically use the strengths and weaknesses of each member in the different teams that he works with to achieve optimal performance.

Apart from work, Abali is passionate about cooking and likes to try new recipes!

”I love working at Paterson Simons because they trust me and give me the opportunity to test my abilities. My job allows me to learn a little more every day. We all share a common goal at Paterson Simons: to successfully achieve the expectations of our client. This puts our teams in a beneficial dynamic of always sharing knowledge and popularizing processes with each other. My advice to young engineers and technicians who are wanting to progress in their role at Paterson Simons is to be dynamic, motivated, and determined to do more every day: a good technician does not suffer, he merely gets tired… the best from me at Paterson Simons is yet to come!”