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Save with Konecranes Auto Engine Shutdown:

Konecranes Intelligent Electronic Machine Control (EMC) system monitors the lift truck’s vital components and functions. Its settings are programmable to adjust to your needs.  It can be linked with Konecranes’ TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring and reporting system.

The Auto Engine Shutdown is an optional feature of the EMC Master system.  This feature significantly reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It also lengthens the engine maintenance interval.

The auto start-stop feature turns off the engine whenever the lift truck idles for a prolonged period of time and restarts it automatically when needed. Auto start-stop turns off the engine when it isn’t needed: when the lift truck is idling, put it into neutral and take your foot off the brake to activate the function. “Start-stop” then appears on the info display and the engine shuts off. To restart the engine, put the truck into gear. When you press the brake, the engine starts again.

If the truck is stationary but power is needed for lifting, touching the lifting lever or joystick will re-start the engine. More about this from Konecranes  here


You can now also save further with Konecranes’ Engine Shutdown Extra Function, which adds immediately value by saving you fuel.

Konecranes’ Engine Shutdown Extra Function

Moving beyond the auto start-stop feature, you can now also opt for Konecranes’ Engine Shutdown Extra Function.

The Engine Shutdown Extra Function from Konecranes gives you the option to shut down your engine based on:

  • High/low values of engine temperature
  • Engine oil pressure

How does it work?

Upon activation, the control system monitors the engine temperature and oil pressure, presenting the operator with a pop-up window, proactively alerts the driver, providing the flexibility to:

  • continue operations, or
  • opt for engine shutdown

Here, the operator can effortlessly choose between either keeping the engine running or initiating a shutdown. This strategic decision-making contributes to:

  • Extending the engine’s lifespan
  • Reducing downtime costs
  • Minimizing activities, and
  • Mitigating unnecessary emissions!


This innovative feature is compatible with all Konecranes Generation C forklifts and empty container handlers equipped with the MD4 master display. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!



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