Engineers receive MAINMAN training.

In Spares by Alisa Evans

In line with our long-standing partnership with Konecranes our Ghana- and Nigeria-based engineers received training in the proprietary Mainman programme in June. Mainman is the industry’s most comprehensive periodic maintenance report system for overhead cranes. It assists approved inspectors to deliver consistent, replicable inspections with the appropriate level of preventive maintenance. Each piece of equipment is uniquely configured and tracked, and preventive maintenance plans are customized based on application and equipment type. Inspectors enter field data through their MobilTec handheld devices which upload the data directly to the Mainman database.  Mainman then captures, analyzes, compiles and reports critical performance data.


  • Safety deficiencies are communicated and confirmed by the customer before the inspector leaves the site.
  • The safety summary can be e-mailed directly from the handheld device.
  • Condition reports are both OSHA and MSHA compliant.
  • The crane report card ranks the overall condition and criticality of each crane thus aiding in decision making and in tracking progress.
  • Records of inspections, maintenance, and corrective actions are secured in the Mainman database.
  • All reports can be stored online at for convenient retrieval.