Crane Models Now Available

In News by Alisa Evans

We often receive requests for models: model cranes, model reachstackers, model forklifts and a variety of other brands.

While we try and be as generous as possible, especially when a new machine has been sold, in practice it is not that simple. The models are usually made by third party model manufacturers and have small production runs, making the costs (plus the shipping and duties) fairly significant. Manitowoc/Grove have recently conculded an initiative that sees a selection of their models available in their parts store, making it a little easier for models to be supplied with spare parts orders.

If you wish to buy models for shipment with spares please contact our parts department, however please note we may at times check with your departments supervisior/senior management that the purchase is authorised.


We have assembled a fair collection of our own over the years which are displayed in the UK and across West Africa.

The Brighton office recently added a 1:50 Manitowoc MLC650 – currently the largest available. We were a little unprepared for quite what a major project it is to assemble and for anyone interested in acquiring one you should note that the reeving and tiny nuts and bolts were a major test of eyesight for our middle-aged Managing Director!

The end result is, we believe, quite eye-catching. The model is beautifully detailed complete with tilting cab, decking, access ladders and walkways. The crane is stable and it slews and hoists cleanly. The variable positioning counterweight works well and it can also hold a significant (scale) load. It is supplied with 3 hookblocks including a 26 sheave heavy lift block. For those with more patience than us it can be re-rigged in the same configurations of the real 650MT crane i.e. with a shorter main boom or with no back mast.

Assembling a model at this scale you get to appreciate the geometry of the design: a series of triangular frames which pivot against each other using hoists and equalisers. It was a lot of work to complete, and on balance the real crane is probably easier to assemble! However, we are proud to add it to our collection and it now takes pride of place in the Paterson Simons Brighton front lobby.