At Paterson Simons we often enthuse about the remarkable technology that is Grove's Megatrak suspension system.

We are therefore thrilled that Mobicrane (a long-time customer of Paterson Simons) has recently proved the Megatrak's worth with an epic 4,500km journey through West Africa. The company sent thier recently aquired GMK6300L across three West African borders from its base in Takoradi, Ghana. The first leg took 6 days and covered 1,500kms, and saw the crane travel by road to work on the process area at Resolute Mining’s Syama Goldmine in Mali. On arrival, the crane went immediately to work where the extra long boom of the GMK6300L was particularly useful when working at the top of the plant. Once this job was completed the crane moved on a further 800km to Endeavour’s Tabakoto Mine on the Senegalese / Malian border.

We have seen, time and again, how customers that require a crane to be moved (from one mine site to another for example), resort to low-bed trailers to move the crane. Not only is this unneccesary and costly, but also not recommended, as low loaders do not have the same performance as the GMKs own chassis.

The beauty of the GMK's patented Megatrak system is that it can move itself!

Not only is the GMK ideally suited to the on/off road work, where our customers operate them often within relatively compact areas of a minesite or a port, but whenever customers need to move cranes longer distances the Megatrak does an exceptional job of keeping the technologies in the superstructure level. This limits damage and the need for recalibration or replacement of sensors. The transport/mobilisation costs are cheaper and with Grove’s Megatrak the crane arrives ready for work!

If you require advice or guidance on roading your Grove All Terrain crane any great distance in West Africa please don’t hesitate to contact us.